Easiest Way to Make Perfect Royal Makhana kheer

Royal Makhana kheer.

You can cook Royal Makhana kheer using 8 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Royal Makhana kheer

  1. It’s of Makhana.
  2. It’s of Boiled milk.
  3. It’s of Cashew nuts.
  4. It’s of Cardamom seed.
  5. It’s of saffron.
  6. It’s of Raisens.
  7. It’s of Sugar.
  8. You need of Ghee.

Royal Makhana kheer instructions

  1. Toss makhana for couple of minutes in ghee.
  2. To mixer jar,add quarter cup of toasted mahana, cashew nuts, cardamom seed, saffron and blend it to a fine powder..
  3. To a wide saucepan, pour the milk and heat it.
  4. Roast cashew and raisins in ghee and keep it aside..
  5. To this add the toasted makhana and boil it for 5 minutes.
  6. Now add the ground powder makes it.
  7. Finally add a pinch of saffron and turn off the stove.
  8. Makhana kheer is ready 😋😋😋.

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