Recipe: Perfect Sabudana Royal Faluda

Sabudana Royal Faluda.

You can have Sabudana Royal Faluda using 10 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Sabudana Royal Faluda

  1. Prepare of sabudana.
  2. Prepare of milk.
  3. You need of Chopped almonds.
  4. It’s of Chopped cashew.
  5. You need of raisins.
  6. Prepare of mixed seeds.
  7. Prepare of cherry.
  8. It’s of sugar.
  9. It’s of ice cream.
  10. It’s of strawberry jelly.

Sabudana Royal Faluda instructions

  1. Boil sabudana in sufficient water and make it transparent..
  2. Strain it and wash with cold water..
  3. Chop all the dry fruits..
  4. Boil milk and reduce little and add sugar and mix thoroughly. Let it cool completely..
  5. In a glass, add all the mixed seeds, chopped dry fruits, sabudaana. Then add milk and mix thoroughly..
  6. Add ice cream scoop and garnish with cherry, mixed seeds..

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