Easiest Way to Cook Perfect Green chana and hungcurd royal kababs #protein

Green chana and hungcurd royal kababs #protein.

You can have Green chana and hungcurd royal kababs #protein using 13 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Green chana and hungcurd royal kababs #protein

  1. It’s of green chana.
  2. It’s of hungcurd.
  3. It’s of paste (ginger garlic Green chilli).
  4. Prepare of corriander powder.
  5. It’s of red chilli powder.
  6. It’s of Salt.
  7. It’s of garam masala.
  8. You need of Corriander leaves chopped.
  9. It’s of Salad of choice like onion rings, beetroot slices etc.
  10. Prepare of curd.
  11. Prepare of tomato ketchup or sweet chutney of choice.
  12. Prepare of Green chutney as required.
  13. It’s of Oil for frying.

Green chana and hungcurd royal kababs #protein instructions

  1. Half Boil green chana just to a whistle and release the steam..
  2. Let it cool a bit and then grind them coarsly in a mixer..
  3. Add hungcurd, 3G paste, salt to taste and spices as above and make a soft dough. Add little roasted besan if mixture seems watery but take care the mixture should not be hard..
  4. Take small portions and make equal size kababs..
  5. Now shallow fry them in a nonstick pan. Be careful while flipping since they are very delicate..
  6. When golden fried from both sides serve them hot on a bed of greens like corriander or cabbage. Serve along with salad and Garnish with curd and chutney of your choice.

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